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flip video digital camcorder The Pure Digital Camcorder by Flip Video is a “point and shoot” digital video camera that makes it easy to make quick videos for web use like YouTube, email, or your blog! They are very popular because they are so easy to use! Sometimes, the best kind of gadget is one that does one thing – and does it well! This is a thin, flat camcorder with a rubberized exterior and sleek look that almost appears to be an iPod or mp3 player of some sort.

This post of part of The Smorgasbord Tech Reviews series!

I see gadgets I like all the time, but it really struck me that you can’t really beat what you get for a little over a hundred bucks in this unit, it runs on 2 AA batteries, has a “flip-out” USB 2.0 port, and takes video at 640×480 resolution. You get 30fps in mpg4 format for really small files, and you can even use the devices internal memory as a “mass storage device”. It has a 1.4″ screen and very minimal controls – “play”, “delete”, and “record”. All you have to do is turn it on and hit “record”, and if you don’t like a video just hit “delete” twice and it’s gone. Even your Grandma could shoot video with this camcorder! That’s something to think about too – wouldn’t this make the perfect gift for just about anybody to quickly and easily shoot casual video?

Check out this video of how nice it looks and how easy it is to work:

You can find the Flip Video camcorder in 512MB, 1GB, and the new 2GB ultra models. Depending on what you want – you can find some really great deals on eBay in both new and used deals:

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