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Amazon and Google Ara Cell Phones

Posted in cell phones, google, tech news on Apr 16, 2014

Random its of technology for the day. Amazon is putting together a smartphone: Google’s Project Ara is creating a modular build your own phone system for 2015 release: Facebook is working with drones to bring connectivity to all parts of the world: So what does Google do? Buy the company Facebook […]

Self Driving Cars

Posted in car tech on Nov 07, 2013

When I was a kid we all thought by now we’d be seeing flying cars and moving sidewalks. Like the Jetsons. Nothing has really happened to change our daily commutes, even the Segway – which was supposed to revolutionize transportation, largely did nothing. If Google has anything to [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsOne-Liter VW gets […]

Fixing the “No space left on disk error” – Ubuntu

Posted in linux, liveCD, resources and tips, ubuntu linux on Oct 18, 2012

Let’s say your on a Windows box, and then you install an Ubuntu VM with VirtualBox. Maybe you give it a default 4GB or 8GB HDD, and then you start installing the things you need to work in your environment. If you’re doing web development (like me), [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsUbuntu update manager “Error […]

Resize VirtualBox VDI

Posted in linux, tutorial, ubuntu linux on Oct 17, 2012

In VirtualBox by default usually your VM size is 8GB.  You might run out of space, and need a larger virtual machine.  Recently on a windows box (gack!) I had an Ubuntu VM spun up that needed more space – and there’s no way at all to do this [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsFixing the […]

How to Copy a Segment of MPEG Video Linux

Posted in diy, linux, resources and tips, ubuntu linux on Jul 12, 2012

Often for me one of 2 scenarios arise. The first is I’ve used my portable HD video recorder to make a video, and now I need to chop it up into smaller pieces. Not necessarily edit the video, just chop it into smaller pieces. Like when [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsFreeAgent Theater ReviewPhoenix Pre-Boot ShellHOWTO: […]

Resizing Images Ubuntu Command Line

Posted in diy, linux, ubuntu linux on Jul 09, 2012

The great thing about Ubuntu is that there are all kinds of free programs for graphics you can install. I use Pinta for a lot of quick image editing, resizing, cropping, etc. However, what I haven’t come across is a decent utility for batch coverting or resizing [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsResize VirtualBox VDIUbuntu update […]

Ripping DVD’s in Ubuntu Linux Easy

Posted in diy, resources and tips, rip dvd, ubuntu linux on Jul 07, 2012

When we buy a DVD for our 6 year old, the first thing that comes to mind is – how long before it gets scratched (or ruined, lost, broken), etc. Ever bought one of those Beach Body work out video sets for $150 and thought – what happens [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsHow to: Ubuntu […]

How to Remove the Unity Dock Bar in Ubuntu

Posted in linux, tutorial, ubuntu linux on Jan 29, 2012

I’ve been using Ubuntu for years on my desktop workstation – about 5 years now in total. I’ve been through so many revisions of Ubuntu it’s not funny – and as we all know in the beginning upgrading wasn’t really all that fun (because you never knew what [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsSata HDD DockList […]

Turn your iPhone into amazing Pseudo-DSLR.

Posted in cell phones on Nov 02, 2011

There are tons of accessories out there for the iPhone. There are a lot of bad ones, and a few good ones, but my favorites always end up being the ones that allow you iPhone’s camera to become something more than it is out of the box. Here [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsThe Amazing Rotary […]

Top Five ‘Pocket’ Video Cameras

Posted in resources and tips, tech news on Oct 25, 2011

The pocket video camera market is slowing down. That does not mean that there are not great pocket cameras out there wait to found! In this article we will have 3 pocket video cameras. Whether you are shooting a birthday party or maybe even that hit low-budget movie you [...] Continue Reading… Related PostsWireless Night […]

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