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Recently we had to buy our son a gaming computer, and with the skyrocketing cost of parts we researched a lot of options. Considering buying a gaming computer you go through all the normal options like Alienware, Dell, and maybe even the Wal-Mart in house brand. We had never considered buying the computer through Amazon (because it seemed weird), but it made sense for so many reasons:

  • fast and free shipping
  • tons of real reviews (with images and video)
  • easy returns (2 month return policy)
  • decent protection plans (if needed)
  • payment options – like Affirm

It may feel weird to buy a computer through Amazon because it’s such a big ticket item, but I actually felt better about it than the ones we bought from Costco over the years.  And even though some of the reviews on Amazon aren’t exactly genuine, when I see the questions and reviews for gaming computers I can actually see people ask “does it run this or that game”, or “will I have problems with ABC monitor” and get a good picture if it will work for us or not.

I think that one of the biggest benefits to purchasing a gaming computer on Amazon is the fact that you can get a professionally built generic PC computer made for playing games with Windows installed and without all of the bloatware you would get on an HP, Dell, Lenovo, MSI, Asus, Alienware, or the in house Wal-Mart brand Overpowered.  Those brands are paid to load in software like McAfee or Norton, and all kinds of other software you may or may not want.  They are pre-configured with certain apps, settings and default startup programs, as well as manufacturer help and assistance programs and files they deem necessary.  Those companies get paid to add all of those things to the computer (so they will never stop adding them).  All of those things make the “store bought” computer run slower.  The benefits of buying a generic brand computer is that they make money solely on the sale of the computer.  They’re going to install windows and that’s it!  It’s ready to go and fast as it can be out of the box.

There are many brands of computers you can buy on Amazon – in fact you can get many of the store bought brands I’ve already mentioned on there.  But what you will also find is that there are a LOT of generic options as well, built professionally with quality parts.  The option that we went for (and I recommend you checkout) is the Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer on AmazonYou’ll find that you can configure that computer with just about any option you want from budget to very high end, and you can easily get it with monthly Affirm payments too.  Check it out!

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