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We need to find some “floating shelves” after the post about our new surround sound system the other day. You know, the kind that look like they’re just floating on the wall. Since we have a flat screen hanging on the wall – what the heck do we need a TV stand for? I want to get that audio equipment off the TV stand, take it out, mount it on the wall and free up room in my living room!

I’d been thinking about this for some time, and the floating shelf concept was one I had in the back of my head, but hadn’t seen anything even remotely like what I wanted at the store. I took 5 minutes to search Amazon today – and lo and behold they have exactly what I need!

This set of floating shelves was barely over $50, much cheaper than anything else I saw, it’s quality and can hold heavy weights like a big audio video receiver, they are stylish, come in three colors, and very functional! It’s exactly what I wanted and they are on order now! Most of us don’t have entertainment centers anymore, it’s usually some kind of TV stand (that holds less). Or maybe your TV is now wall mounted, and you have nowhere to put your Xbox, Playstation, WiiU, or surround sound receiver?

This works perfectly:

Floating shelves

Here’s a slighter cheaper alternative version of black floating shelves:

Black floating shelves

Finally we really liked this version (got it for our basement) because it’s wall mounted, appears “floating”, but it also has room on top for a sound bar. This is really cool, and it was surprising how affordable it was:

Floating wall mounted shelf

[EASYBAY]floating shelves[/EASYBAY]