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Smorgasbord of technology

Welcome to “The Smorgasbord”, online since 1995!

JTPrattFor those of you that know HTML, this website first started in basic HTML and frame (with animated gifs!). It’s come a long way since, now hosted in WordPress with a fully responsive theme. My name is John Pratt, and I’ve been working online as long as this website has been online. My career has progressed through many phases and I’ve worn many hats. Webmaster, producer, project manager, digital marketing manager, digital director, content strategist – you name it. Along the way I tend to catalogue and write about my findings online, and this website is where all the “techie” things go. I’m always interested in the evolution of tech, wearables, devices, new apps and websites, Ubuntu and Linux, web dev, maker type stuff, etc.

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