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This tutorial is “How to root your HTC EVO 4G from sprint”, (and tips on rooting other cell phones too). We decided to post this since our favorite Android phones have become both the EVO and EVO Shift, and nearly every single friend and relative we know has wanted to know if we could root their cell phones as well. More people would probably do it – if they only knew how easy it was.

What is Cell Phone Rooting?

Rooting is to Android what Jailbreaking was to iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) devices. While they have different names, they are essential doing very similar things to your device, allow unsigned code to run. All of it sounds intimidating but really, its nothing at all!

What are the Advantages of Rooting a Cell Phone?

There are many, the first of which is that you are in TOTAL control of your phone and what’s on it! Did you ever notice that there are certain apps that you just can’t delete from your cell phone? That’s because companies PAID Sprint a fee to put them there. A rooted cell phone means that you can install custom themes, custom backgrounds, custom apps and widgets – it opens up a whole new WORLD of opportunities within your mobile phone and Android.

A rooted phone usually runs must faster than one with default software, because it’s optimized (and can be overclocked as well). They also usually have substantially loger battery life, because you obtain the ability to turn off all kinds of services when you don’t need them.

Many people root their phone to avoid paying for apps (which we do NOT recommend), because you can download nearly every app ever created for free online just by searching for the file name and saving it to your rooted phone.

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting a Cell Phone?

Rooting a cell phone is NOT illegal in any way, but mobile companies and cell phone manufacturers will tell you that there is danger in running “unsigned code”, because it could be unstable, unsafe, etc. 99% of the time it’s no more “unsafe” than installing Linux on a computer instead of Windoww. The cell companies want to stay in control of your phone, and what you can install (and what you can’t).

The real disadvantages are if you do intend to download and install illicit apps, they are “unsigned code” and you have no way to verify they are what they are without running them. In addition, if they have to interfact with a server in any way to get data, or save high scores, interact with other players – unsigned apps can’t do that. On the other hand, you can run BOTH signed and unsigned apps on a rooted phone, so the things that need interaction you could pay for. Just remember that downloading paid apps for free is the same as back in the days of Napster – it’s stealing.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for broken, bricked or damaged devices, acts of God or anything else that might of caused your phone to break. This will void your warrantee but there are ways to reverse the process and restore your warrantee (just like restoring the operating system on a desktop computer). Our tutorial here is provided to you for entertainment and educational purpose only, and what you decide to do with the info is up to you – YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY!

Things you will need:

  • Windows computer
  • Small amount of technology knowledge
  • HTC SYNC installed and working
  • 1GB of free space on your SD Card
  • A Full battery (this is crucial, if your battery dies will performing the root, your phone will be bricked and you just made yourself a very expensive paperweight.)
  • USB Debugging enabled on your device. To achieve this Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging
  • Your phone connect to your computer as charge only
  • The file found in this tutorial

Instructions to Root the EVO (Follow them carefully and thoroughly)

  1. This will completely wipe your phone. If you want to back up your apps use Titanium Backup.
  2. First extract auto into a folder that is easy to find. I tend to use the desktop or My Documents folder
  3. Open the file named ‘AutoRoot.bat’ and let it run. If there is only a flashing line, close the window, right click the file and select ‘Run as Administrator’. Then open the file again. If you are still having a problem email me your question.
  4. The file will continue to run. If there are any errors or it fails to complete then restart your phone and try again. Also make sure you are not actively use your phone while the process is working.
  5. When it is ready it will reboot your phone into the boot loader and depending on your setup it will either enter RUU mode and automatically flash the debugging firmware or give you instructions on how to flash it from hBoot.
  6. If it requires you to manually flash it, just push the power button to select “BOOTLOADER” and say yes when it asks to flash the It will give some errors halfway through but no worries, this is normal. Once its finished say no to rebooting and then use Vol Down to highlight recovery. Then press power to select it.
  7. It will make a nand backup and then restart your phone. If it hangs on the white HTC EVO screen for more than a few minutes, do a battery pull and restart your phone. If it hangs again then you will need to run the RUU and start over.

*This will only work on hBoot version .9x

You can download the AutoRoot v2.3 file here: http://www.multi

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your HTC EVO! For more information on rooting other phones, help or information on how to install custom roms, checkout They will have tons of info and a whole community of people ready to help you.

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