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If you’ve had an Apple device for any number of years, you know that sometime in your future you’re going to need a replacement charging cable. Our house is split – I use Android, and my wife uses Apple. She has an iphone, and I have a Galaxy. She has an ipad, and I have a Nexus tablet. It doesn’t help that our 8 year old has an ipad mini, and that he uses my wife’s charging cables all the time. He’s pretty rough on them, always stretching and straining the ends until something’s worn enough to not work anymore.

I have made the late night run to Wal-Mart to get the classic Apple charging cable for my wife – and it usually amounts to paying $20 for a single cord (or more). I have also learned over time that paying the higher amount to get the Belkin cable is almost always a better idea. It was after this one time that I decided to get on Amazon and buy a backup charging cord. I found an awesome deal that included not one but 5 different Apple charging cables in various colors for around $12.99. This seemed more than awesome, until we found they lasted only about 4-6 weeks. Sometimes when you buy something on Amazon “off the boat”, the savings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Recently I had to order yet another Apple lightning cable, and again (as if I hadn’t learned my lesson) I wanted to find the cheapest one available. When I did the search I was surprised to find that they had one available in the “Amazon Basics” line. Previously I’d purchased both USB and HDMI cables in the Amazon Basics line because they were both cheap and high quality. Amazon’s version is actually “Apple certified” – which you can’t say about all those import knock-off versions.

This is what I purchased:

It’s only about 10 bucks, but they have a 6 foot version that’s double the length for only $2 more.