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There’s been a lot of discussion over the last year about one of the fastest growing sites  Airbnb is a place for a normal person to list their home or apartment short term rentals.

In some places this has become illegal:

While most people have had great experiences, a small percentage have had complete disaster:

I have become fascinated lately with the amount of websites that have an airbnb type service for something else.  It’s rare when a new idea spawns so many copycat sites.

Airbnb for digs:
Airbnb for 3D printers:
Airbnb for campsites:
Airnb for workspaces:
Airbnb for outdoor gear:
Airbnb for boats:
Airbnb for toilets:
Airbnb for kitchens:
Airbnb for families:
Airbnb for parking spots:
Airbnb for energy:
Airbnb for driveways: